Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

From an early age, Julian Pencilliah displayed a savvy attitude for business acumen and was hugely influenced by his role models Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, as well as the wisdom of ancient gurus and high seers. After a decade of living through life’s experiences, he discovered a set of principles that enabled him to attain great success in his spheres of interest. He has now chosen to reveal these principles to the world in his books, The Jetstream of Success and The Intellectual Diamond.

The Jetstream Of Success & The Intellectual Diamond Books

The Jetstream Of

The Jetstream of Success, authored by Julian Pencilliah, emphasises on the quality of your thoughts and stresses that you are always meant to exceed your current paradigm of thought so that you can gain a state of mind that is conducive to your goals. You’ve got to have that flexibility. It’s not about what is being presented? It’s more about how we re-invent ourselves, conducive to the goals, as opposed to what is being presented through circumstance and opportunity. The adoption of this method of thought will facilitate your goal attainment.

The Jetstream of Success- Rio Carnival


Exceed your beliefs. We jet across the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, to participate in the lively, rhythmic dance called the samba. The night was sultry and alive, the almost indecent excitement positively magnetic, the grand stand filled to capacity. Two exotic women appear, my expression, one of utmost attention. The band breaks out the drumbeats and the women begin shimmying their hips. The Rio Carnival chapter was written in the form of an analogy to introduce the qualities of the samba into your beliefs so that you will have the flexibility to adapt to the rhythm of life.

"Undress Your Beliefs"
-Julian Pencilliah